Boat Yard XXIX



    I've completed all the deck structure and carlings in the forward section of the boat. To the left is a photo of everything installed and glued, ready for the deck. To the right you can see all the bulkheads installed as well as the stateroom sole.






    To the left is a close up picture of one of the bulkhead beams for the pilot house carlings. Lots of angles to cut on these.  To the right is a picture of one of the carlings all installed. I still need to double the 2 x 8 carling. I will laminate another 2 x 8 over this one to get the carling to the proper thickness.





       I got the second 2 x 8 laminated on the pilot house carling and I also got the filler blocks installed between the deck beams at the pilot house. To the left is a photo of the installation. I put a large fillet along the sheer to help keep the moisture from collecting up there. To the right is a close-up of the corner post for the pilot house sole frame. It's hard to see in this photo, but the corner post is notched to accept the 2 x 4's and the  2 x 4's are also notched to be flush with the outside surface of the corner post. So, the 2 x 4's are actually resting on the corner post as well as being fastened to it. This will be an extremely strong joint as everything will also be screwed and glued to the bulkhead.




    To the left is a picture of the pilot house sole frame temporarily held in place by the corner posts.  To the right is a view of the rest of the vertical supports that connect the sole framing to the carling installed.