Boat Yard XXX




    To the left is a picture of all the pilot house sole framing installed. To the right is a view from aft looking forward.






    This is the beginning of the trunk cabin framing.  It took me all morning to figure out how to cut just one of these front corner posts. Talk about angles and rabbits. Really getting interesting.






    I took a picture of the ends of the corner posts to show you the angles and rabbits involved. The forward corner posts are the worst but anyway you can get the idea.  To the right is a view of the completed framing for the trunk cabin. It's just clamped in place right now because I'm waiting for my deck plywood to come in before I can install it permanently. It all sits on top of the deck so I have to get the deck in first.





    Since I'm as far as I can go with my trunk cabin for now, I've been working on my steps going from the salon down into the forward stateroom. To the left is a picture of the steps layout and the risers in place. To the right is a picture of the step treads cut and fit in place. I'll be covering everything with hardwood flooring once I get to the finishing part of construction.