Boat Yard XXXI



    With my steps done, and still no plywood I decided to work on my carlings for the salon cabin. I used 3 x 8 Fir timbers for the carlings and 2 x 6's for the deck beams. As you can tell, I'm building a wide body trawler so I put the carlings as far out toward the sheer clamp as I could. I did have to notch them just a bit around the frames. The picture on the left is the carling laid on its side for notching and on the right it is all installed. I did manage to bend the beam to the contour of the hull which I didn't think I would be able to do.





    My plywood has arrived and I've been busy with the forward decks and the trunk cabin. I got the forward deck installed and the trunk cabin framing is completed.







    Here are a couple of pictures of the trunk cabin all put together. It's kind of like doing an inlay trying to fit the sides and front panels into the rabbits of the frame.






       I've taken a break from the boat and I'm working on my boat building. I decided I had better get this little project done before the rains start in a few weeks. I have to raise the roof over the pilot house to have enough room to work on the top of it. Here are a couple of pictures of what I've been doing. To the left is a picture of the knee wall studs to set the three rafters up onto that are above the pilot house. I have to put the vinyl on the ends of the rafters I'm raising because I won't be able to reach them once I get them raised. To the right is a picture of the vinyl attached to the first rafter I'm going to raise. I still have the other end to do yet and I'll be ready to raise them.