Boat Yard XXXIV



    Making some progress on the paneling . The picture to the left shows all the front panels glued and screwed. To the right is a picture of the windshield panels all cut and fit and the side paneling on the starboard side cut and fit.






    Today I got the port side panels all cut and fit. I also got my rudders from the welding shop yesterday. They look good but it will be awhile before I'm ready to put them in. The picture to the right shows the rudders, one of which is assemble with the wing attached; They sure are heavy.




       The pilothouse is coming along. I've been working on the roof for the past week or so. I've got it pretty well cut and fit. I can't glue and screw it because it has to  come back off when I get ready to move the boat to the water. I've decided to remove the roof separately from the window studs when I get ready to transport the boat just to make it easier to take apart and put back together so for the time being I will just screw it all  together and glue it later.






    Two and a half weeks later its starting to look like a real bridge. I've been working on the cabinetry on the inside of the pilothouse. To the left is a picture of the bench seat in the aft section of the pilothouse. In this picture you only see the raised step. The actual seat top isn't installed yet. It's raised up about a foot to allow user to see out the windows while sitting. It also provides a higher head space for the shower which is directly below the seat. To the right is a picture of the  frame work for the cabinets in the front of the pilothouse. The cabinet with the slanted top on the port side is the chart table and the lowered section in the middle is the helm station. The angled cabinet on the starboard side is where the electrical panel will be installed along with the computer and keyboard. The computer monitor will be enclosed in a cabinet in the helm station cabinet which I don't have built yet. Everything is just cut and fit at this point and will be glued and screwed when I get it all done.