Boat Yard XXXVI



    I got all the engine stringers cut, fit, and sanded, ready for encapsulating with epoxy. The picture to the left shows all four cleaned up and ready for coating. The picture to the right shows them all coated but they are really rough so I'm going to have to sand the fuzz off them and give them another coat before I can install them. I don't want them so rough because it makes them too hard to keep clean.





    All the engine stringers are glued in place finally! Quite a job hefting these things in and out trying to fit them and get them all sanded and sealed with epoxy but I finally finished them up. I also got a good start on installing the filler blocks and gussets in the frame notches. The picture to the right shows the frame repair after notching for the starboard outboard engine stringer. I just have a couple more of these frame repairs to do and I'll be done with the engine stringers except for the blocking that will help secure the stringers to the frames.




    I've been hard at work building the fuel tank cradles and supports. To the left is a picture of the aft cradle for the starboard fuel tank. As you can see in the picture to the right, I built a mock-up of my fuel tank so I  could build the supports and cradles to fit. There will be another cradle between frames 6 & 8 but I don't have that one built yet.





    I finally got the fuel tank cradles completed. Here are a couple of pictures of them. You can see the center cradle between frames 6 & 8 in these pictures. I still need to glue the battens on the port cradles yet but otherwise they are complete.