I have everything moved back into the boat building and am back to work. I have decided to put FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) fuel tanks in the Molly B instead of steel so I have started working on the mold for the fuel tanks. To the left is a picture of the fuel tank mold on the workbench. In the picture to the right I have the legs under the mold and have it all faired and ready for filling. I have also been working on the bridge getting my bench seat completed and finishing the last roof panel.



    To the left is a picture of the storage compartments under the seat. I have them completed except for the doors. To the right is a picture of my fuel tank mold with the first coat of epoxy filler applied. I will have to sand this first coat down and put a couple more coats on it to get it all straight and smooth before I start the fiberglass lay-up.






    I finally finished my roof on the bridge. I got the last two panels put up and screwed down. To the left is a picture of the completed roof. I have also been working hard on my drawers under the chart table. In the picture to the right, I have them all framed in and I have one drawer just about completed. I am waiting for my dovetail machine to arrive so I can finish the top drawer. I have also been working on the installation of my rudders. Seems like I have a lot of irons in the fire, but that keeps it interesting. I have the rudder pads made and I am working on the location for the rudder shaft penetration through the hull. I am taking my time on the rudder shaft penetration since I sure don't want to put the hole in the wrong place. It is a little hard to locate it on the inside of the hull because the location of the hole is measured on the outside of the hull. So, I have to transfer that dimension to the inside and that is the tricky part. I am going to offset the rudders outboard of the shaft centerline so I can pull the shafts without having to remove the rudders. It will all come together eventually, it just takes a little time to get it right.



    To the left is a picture of my rudder pads. I will have to plane them down to level the top of them once I get them in the boat. I have also been working on covering my rudders. To the right is a picture of one rudder with the plywood cut and fit to the rudder core. These panels will be glued and bolted to the rudder core and then covered with a Kevlar material and epoxy for wear resistance.