Boat Yard XLI



     Here are a couple of pictures of the bow section bulwark frames. I have the top rail battens all glued and screwed along with all the frames and blocking. As you can see in the photos, the bulwark makes a nice fair curve from the bow aft. The two top rail battens are faired to make a level surface athwart ship to provide a flat level surface for the cap rail. There will be another rail above the bulwark cap rail mounted with metal stanchions onto the bulwark cap rail.



     I also have all the frames cut and fit for the side decks and the raised deck at the bridge. The picture to the left shows the forward frames on the raised deck. If you look very closely you can see the scupper frame just below the raised deck. This will be rounded with epoxy fillets and provide drainage for the forward deck area. To the right you can see the stanchions for the aft bulwark. I still have to do a final fit on all of these yet and then glue and screw them in place. Then all I have left is the transom bulwark to cut and fit.






     It's been a busy couple of weeks at the boatyard. I have completed the port bulwark frames all the way back to the transom. The picture to the left is a view looking forward from the stern. To the right is a picture of the bulwark inside and outside corners at the transom. You can get an idea of how wide the walk around deck will be in this picture by the distance between the inside corner and the outside corner. The deck won't be very wide, but should allow me to get from the bridge to the cockpit without having to go through the salon. I am also putting a transom door in the transom bulwark. You can see part of the rough opening in the picture to the right. The inside bulwark around the cockpit will run forward from the transom to the bulkhead at the aft of the salon. I don't have that installed yet.




     Here are a couple of pictures of the bulwark across the transom. In the picture to the right you can see the transom doorframe a little better. I couldn't figure out how to hinge the door because of the cap rail that goes all along the top of the bulwark and overhangs the bulwark a little on each side of it. I decided to make the door slide in and out by lifting it up to slide it out. That has worked out very well and will make for a much stronger door attachment.