Boat Yard XLIII


       The Cavalry has arrived!! The timing couldn't have been better. I have been wondering for weeks just how I was going to get the rub rails glued and screwed by myself, and then get the paneling on the bulwark. My brother Steve, up on the ladder, and my step dad, Lloyd, holding the ladder, along with my mom came down from Minnesota for a visit. Steve is building an airplane and he came down for the Sun-n-Fun Fly-in at Lakeland so my folks came down with him so they could visit for a few days. It sure was great to see them all again. Lloyd helped me get the rub rails glued and screwed and the first two pieces of paneling on the bow bulwark while Steve was at the fly-in.



    When Steve came down from the Fly-in the three of us got the rest of the paneling put up. There are times when an extra pair of hands or two, really help. I think they saved my a couple months work if I had to do this by myself.

     Here are a couple of pictures of the bulwark at the bow. I used 1/4" plywood at the forward portion because of the amount of bend there. Then aft of the worst bend, I used 1/2" plywood. We finished it up all the way to the aft portion of the raised deck. I still have to put the second layer of 1/4" on the bow yet, but otherwise we got it all installed, glued and screwed! Next I have to get the 1/4" installed on the inside of the bulwark, and then the cap rail and it will be all done. I'm getting low on glue so I need to get some ordered before I can do much more. Below are a few different views of the bulwark.




     To the left is a view looking aft along the starboard side. To the right is a view looking through the window from outside the boat building







     Here are a couple of pictures of the forward deck and the inside of the bulwark. The inside will be covered with 1/4" plywood so the bulwark will be completely enclosed except for the limber holes which will provide drainage and air circulation.