Boat Yard XLVI


        I finally finished the rub rails. I put a 2 inch oak strip over the lay-up of fir and I have most of the sanding and fairing done as well. I'm debating whether or not to put a SS half round over the oak or not. They get over $100.00 for a 10 foot piece of the stuff and I would need 72 feet of it. I will have to give that a little more thought. Might be something to consider for an "after market update", but right now I need to get my engines finished and installed.




        Here are a couple of pictures of my engine beds in the back of my golf cart. I had to remove the outside gussets and move them all the way out to the ends of the angles because they were in the way of the flexible mount bolts. I'm getting closer to the day I can put the engines in but it might be awhile yet because it looks like I will have to wait until 1 July before I can get my transmissions. No one has them in stock around here so I will have to order them. That will slow me down a bit but I have plenty of other things I can do until them come in.




        I built a mockup of the engine stringers to mount the engine beds to so I can drill all the holes for the isolator mounts to make sure everything lines up. To the left is a picture of my mockup and to the right is a picture of the engine beds installed on the engine stringers. The outboard bed had to be installed with the angle up to clear the bottom of the boat because of the angle of the hull and the 3 x 6 engine stringer outboard.





     To the left is a picture of the isolator mounts installed on the engine and to the right is a picture of the engine installed on the engine beds. This is the port engine and will be installed first since it is on the opposite side of the boat from my gin pole. This engine is just about ready to run. I just have to get the instrumentation and transmission yet and I can see if it will run.