Boat Yard XLVII


          Here they are, my transmissions are just about ready to install on the engines. I only have one engine ready for the transmission but the other one is almost ready. I'm still waiting for some more parts coming from Seattle, Washington, which should be here sometime next week. Then I can at least get one mounted and ready to go. I settled on the ZF 25 mainly because of the price and availability. I didn't want to wait six months and spend another thousand dollars for a pair of Twin Disc Gears.





     I've been working on my chain locker for the past few days. Here are a couple of pictures of where I'm at right now. I have extended the bulwark at the stem to match the rise of the rest of the bulwark forward of the bridge. It looks much better this way as the lines of the bulwark are not interrupted by the chain locker decking as viewed from outside the boat. The cap rail will finish off the bulwark all the way to the stem.




        I finally got one engine and transmission put together. Here are a couple of pictures of the ZF 25 mounted on the port engine. All I need now is two more hose fittings to hook up the oil cooler for the transmission. I still have the other engine on the engine stand so I have to get it off there and on the ground so I can install the flywheel housing and flywheel, and then the transmission. They are coming along and it shouldn't be too long before they are ready to go into the boat.






        Here we go, I'm just about ready to start laying up the FRP fuel tanks. The picture to the left shows my mold with a couple of pieces of the woven roving draped over it. The picture to the right is all the fiberglass material cut to size and laid out on the workbench. There are six layers of material to go onto the mold to get the thickness I need for the size of my tank. I may have to add another layer or two if the thickness doesn't amount to what it should be.