Boat Yard XLVIII


        I'm finally getting started  building my FRP fuel tanks. Linda is mixing the resin in the picture to the left, and to the right is a picture of the mold with two layers of matt and one layer of woven roving. Another three or four more layers and it should be done, then I will find out if it will come off the mold.






        I had to order some more material for my fuel tank, and my new disc sander broke so I couldn't work on my rub rails or cap rails so I decided to put the Kevlar on my rudders. To the left you can see how I attached my rudders to the workbench so I could cover them. I thought about hanging them up but this worked as well I think. To the right is a picture of the Kevlar on the rudders all wet out. It still needs a couple of more coats of epoxy but it went on without much trouble. This should provide the wear resistance I need for the rudders.




        I've been busy the past week, working on my rudders and the cap rail on the forward bulwark. To the left is a picture of my rudders all finished up and ready for the primer. To the right is a picture of my cap rail on the port side. I have it pretty well faired and sanded and it is almost ready for gluing. I have to clean out the space between the bulwark panels before I can glue them down but that shouldn't take very long. My sander just came in today, but I have been using my belt sander which works pretty well but not as good as my disc sander. I have the starboard side all cut and fit and ready for fairing and sanding.




     Here is where my fuel tank is to date. Picture to the left. I finallyreceived the additional material to finish the last two layers but while I was waiting, I tried to get the tank off the mold without much success. I ended up having to cut the ends of the tank off to get it off the mold. In the picture to the right you can see where I cut the end off. Even with the ends off, I still had quite a time getting it off the mold. That polyvinyl I sprayed on the mold didn't seem to be a very good release agent. Now I have to use a backing strip to put the ends back on the tank before I put the last two layers of material on the tank, then it will be ready for the baffles and the top.