Boat Yard XLIX

     I have almost finished the cap rails on the forward bulwark. Here are a couple of pictures of the starboard side. I still need to glue and screw everything down but it is all cut and fit and faired fairly well except at the very forward portion, at the stem, where I still need to do some fairing. I also have a few more pieces to cut for the port side.





     I'm slowly making some progress! I have finished my rudders. Picture to the left. I have them all covered and three coats of primer on them. They are almost ready to install. To the right is a picture of my fuel tank that shows the attachment of one of the ends I had to cut off to get the tank off the mold. I used some 1/2 inch plywood backing strips bedded in fiberglass matt to put the two pieces together. I will cover the inside of the backing strips with matt as well, to completely encapsulate them.






     To the left is a picture of one of the end caps with the matt cut and the backing strips laid out ready for resin. To the right is a picture of my baffles on the workbench with a layer of Xynole polyester fabric on them, and wet out with the isophthalic resin. I put three coats of resin on them to fill the fabric and completely encapsulate the wood.





        To the left is a picture of my fuel tank with both ends put back on and the blocking for the baffles installed. To the right is a picture of the tank with the baffles installed. I have all the backing strips for the end caps encapsulated with matt and the baffles are all encapsulated as well. I just have to put the blocking in for the lid and give the entire inside another coat of resin and it will be ready to turn over and complete the two outside  layers of material.