Boat Yard LII


        I have my bolts on order for the actuator assemblies and upper rudder bearings so I decided I had better build the rudder shelf while I am waiting for my bolts to arrive. To the left is a picture of the framework for the shelf. It is all cut and fit, but not glued and screwed yet. To the right is a picture of the rudder shelf on the workbench. I had to splice two pieces of plywood together to reach all the way across the stern so I decided to  laminate two layers of plywood together so I could stager the splices. This will give me a total thickness of 7/8 inch for the shelf which will support the upper rudder bearings and the autopilot.




     To the left is a picture showing the framework for the rudder shelf again, however you can also see the extra supports I added alongside each of the leveling blocks to strengthen the rudder shelf to support the upper bearing. To the right is a picture of the rudder shelf installed with the upper bearing in place.





      Here we go again, I'm making another mold to do a fiberglass lay-up for some drip pans to go under the engines. Here are a couple of pictures of the mold. As you can see, I have made the sides at an angle to allow for the angle of the hull where the drip pan will sit between the engine stringers. I hope this one will come off the mold a little better than the fuel tank did. I'm going to use wax on this mold and see if that works better than the spray on mold release I used before.




        The wax worked ok, but I still couldn't get the lay-up off the mold. I made the mold sides removable from the inside so I took the mold apart to get the drip pan off. To the left is a picture of one drip pan ready for trimming and painting. To the right is the second drip pan lay-up on the mold.