Boat Yard LIII


     To the left is a picture of my drip pans all cleaned up and ready for paint. To the right is a picture of the doors to the chain locker completed. I also have the chain locker deck all filled and ready for fabric. Pretty soon I will have the forward deck area completed. Just a little more sanding and sealing to do yet and then painting.






I decided to add a step going from the raised deck alongside the bridge to the forward deck area to make the transition a bit easier. To the left is a picture of the step treads being glued together on the workbench. I used some full dimension Douglas fir and tongue and grooved them together to make the treads and then put a couple of supports on either side of the passageway and set the treads on the supports. Picture to the right. The step also covers my scupper so it isn't so noticeable from the inside of the bulwark. I just have to trim out the outside of the scuppers now.




     It's been a busy week at the boatyard. I have the fabric put on the chain locker deck and also on the fillets around the foredeck. To the left is a picture of the fabric all wet out and to the right is a picture of the fabric sanded and faired. Today I got the filler coat of epoxy put on the fabric and then I spent the rest of the day getting the boat tied down and one tarp put over the boat in preparation for hurricane Ernesto. I don't know yet if it will hit us or not but I can't afford to wait until I know for sure because then it would be too late.





     Ernesto has come and gone, and no problems at the boat yard. I guess I did all the preparation for nothing, At least I was ready just in case it did hit us hard. It was just about like a normal summertime thunderstorm, except that it lasted all day. I spent two days securing everything and now I will have to put everything back into the boat building so I can get back to work again. Here are a couple of pictures of the tarp over the boat just in case I lost my roof or something. I also tied the boat down so it wouldn't go anywhere if the building got blown down again. Better safe than sorry I guess, now its back to work.