Boat Yard LIV


     It took some time, but I got the boat uncovered and some of my tools moved back into the boat building. I finished the fabric on the inside of the bulwark and on the forward deck except for another coat of epoxy. Picture to the left. On the right is a picture of phase II of the fabric application in the forward deck area. I have cut and fit the fabric for the bridge and trunk cabin. I still have to put fabric on the raised decks yet and I will be ready to wet it all out. It's slow going, but I'm making progress.




      I got the fabric put on the raised decks and all wet out yesterday, and today I started the sanding. To the left is a picture of the fabric all wet out. As you can see I also have a sealer coat on all the wood surfaces as well. To the right is a picture of the sanding process, my favorite part of the process I might add. As you can see, it is really dusty. When I got done, I looked as bad as the decks, covered in sanding dust. I only have a little sanding left to do and I can put another coat of epoxy on before I do the filling, and then more sanding.




     Believe it or not, I'm still sanding! No new pictures because I'm still working on the same area. Today I think I finally have it all done! I think it is ready for paint now. I just have to get it all cleaned up and check it all over and then paint the forward deck areas. I have also been working on my rub rails again. I have to flatten the oak strip out so I can get the cap to fit so it will hit square on whatever I happen to run up against. Right now it's at too much of an angle so I have to straighten it out a bit.


Yes, I'm still sanding although I think I am getting very close to the end, Finally! To the left is a picture of the last of the fabric on the bridge. I forgot to put the fabric on the top portion of the bridge so I had to go back and do that before I could start painting. I have it filled and sanded and one coat of epoxy put on the filler coat. Maybe one or two more coats and I will be done with it. I have started cleaning up the inside of the boat again, getting it ready for painting also. To the right is a picture looking aft from the bridge. I have the back couple of sections cleaned and you can really see how much sanding dust has accumulated in the bottom of the boat. It looks like we have had an early fall snow storm. I've been sanding and filling for a month now, so that really adds up to a lot of dust! Once I get it all cleaned up, I will have to sand the bilge planks to get them ready for paint - More Sanding Dust! It seems like that is all I do here lately. Anyway, it really looks good when you get it all done so it's worth the effort.



     Here are a couple of pictures of what I'm doing to my rub rails. In the picture to the left, you can see how I'm planning the rub rail down to make the outside surface plumb instead of it being at an angle. This will allow the metal cap strip to set squarely on the rub rail instead of being at an angle which would prevent it from protecting the rub rail. To the right is a picture of the rub rail looking forward after it has been planed down.