Boat Yard LV


     Another week has gone by, and I finally finished sanding the bilges. Here are a couple of pictures of the steering compartment left, and a view looking forward into the stateroom area, right. I have been vacuuming as I go but that doesn't seem to help all that much with the sanding dust. I finished the stateroom bilges today as well, so now I have to get the whole thing cleaned up and ready for paint. I also marked the sole pieces so I can get them sealed with epoxy except where they will be glued down. I'm not going to paint them, but I do need to seal them.





     The painting has started! I have one coat on the forward deck areas and the lower portion of the bridge. Here are a couple of views of that area. It sure is bright, and it's not even in the sun light. The deck material will tone it down somewhat however.






     I have also gotten a good start on the bilges. Below are a few different views of the bilges that I have painted so far.

     To the left is a picture of the forward stateroom bilges. I only painted up to the chine because I am going to cover the inside of the topsides in there with a vinyl material. To the right is a picture from a bit farther back in the engine compartment showing the bilges in the aft section of the stateroom.





     To the left is a picture of the steering compartment bilges, I only have the starboard side painted because I ran out of paint and didn't want to mix any more today. To the right is a view of the raised deck and port side of the bridge. This paint really has a good shine to it but it is a little difficult to put on. It acts and smells like airplane dope and it starts to thicken in the paint tray before you can get it put on. Below is a view of my sole boards and bulwark doors on the workbench ready for sealing and painting.