Boat Yard LVI


     I got my instruments the other day, and I have been working on the panel and getting them hooked up to the engine for the past couple of days. I made a panel for my test stand and mounted all the instruments into it for the test run. To the left is a picture of the panel with the instruments mounted. To the right is a picture of the back of the panel with some of the wiring hooked up. I don't know positive from negative so this was a real challenge for me. The only  instrument that had any directions was the tachometer so the rest of them I had to figure out on my own.



     To the left is a picture of the engine with wires hanging everywhere. I didn't think a diesel engine had to have all those wires hooked up to it but I guess you have to monitor the engine somehow, and that means you need wires to do it with. To the right is a picture of the instruments mounted on the test stand all wired and ready to go. All I have left to do is finish hooking up the alternator and the raw water pump and I will be ready to crank the engine. The moment of truth is almost at hand!






     The good news is the engine runs great! I got her started and she purred like a kitten. I really expected a lot more noise, but she really ran quiet. I had a slight problem with the starter disengaging from the ring gear which burned up my starter but I got that problem solved and now I just need to build some time on the engine to make sure everything is running properly and no leaks.


     It's been some time since I've updated my site, but my computer crashed again and I have been working hard to reconstruct my site and restore most of my data files. I think I have just about everything back to normal so here goes again!

     I finished the painting in the bilges and I've been working on my fuel tank lately trying to get it ready to install. I have to get the port tank in before I can put the port engine in. To the left is a picture of the last two layers of glass on the tank and to the right is the lid for the tank with the access panels laid out on it so I could mark them to cut out the holes.



     To the left is a picture of the lid showing the cutouts for the access panels and the fittings for the tank. To the right is a little closer view of the fittings.