Boat Yard LVIII


    To the left is a picture of my fuel tank, almost ready to go into the boat. I Still have to add one more layer of mat around the lid, put the access covers on, and pressure test it for leaks. In the picture to the right, it is all done and ready to be lifted into the boat. I made a sling out of some rope and put a spreader on it so it wouldn't slip out of the sling it's pretty heavy. Two of us couldn't lift it to get it moved over to the gin pole. We had to drag in on the saw horses to get it over there.




     To the left is another view of the tank and the gin pole. Looks like it will be close to get it up high enough to clear the rub rail before I run out of chain. To the right is a picture of my shower enclosure in the back of my truck. I need to get it put in before I put the engines in because it will be too hard to lift it over the engines to get it into the head. Everything is ready now except for the A-Frame I need to build inside the boat to slide the tank and the port engine from the starboard side over to the port side. I'm not sure just how I'm going to do that yet but I have a day or two to figure it out I guess.







     I think I'm just about ready to install my fuel tank. I have finished my A-Frame so I can move the tank from the starboard side over to the port side once I get it into the boat. Here are a couple of pictures of my A-Frame. I built it heavy so it will work for the engines as well as the fuel tanks. At least I hope it will work for both. I made it so I could turn it around, end for end, and use the same A-Frame for the starboard side as for the port side. As you can see it is set up for the port side right now. First I will install the port fuel tank, then the port engine. Then turn the A-Frame around and do the starboard side.





     I'm just about ready to start laying up the fiberglass for the second fuel tank. In the picture to the left you can see all the fiberglass cut and ready to go. You can also see the end of the mold which is all sprayed with mold release and ready to go as well. I put my A-Frame to use yesterday when we lifted the port fuel tank into the boat. Once we got the tank into the boat with the gin pole, we used the A-Frame to lift it and slide it over to the port side of the boat. It worked very well and didn't show any signs of strain although the tank only weighs a couple hundred pounds. I sure hope it will handle the weight of the engines. Below is another view of the fuel tank and the come a long I used to lift it with.