Boat Yard LIX



     I have had to convert my workbench for metal working so I could fabricate the hold down straps for the fuel tanks. Here are a couple of pictures of the fabrication process. To the right is my pan break to put the bends in the straps. This is 11 gauge stainless steel so it doesn't want to bend very well. A little mussel and a three pound hammer does the trick as long as you keep the strap perpendicular to the edge of the bench.





     I have the port fuel tank installed. To the left is a picture of the hold down straps and the tank. To the right is a picture of the hole in my building which I had to enlarge so I could get my truck in farther and next to the gin pole to unload the port engine so we could lift it into the boat. I got some help from some friends and we installed the port engine yesterday. Below is a series of pictures showing the installation.




     To the left my two friends Rich and Gary are securing the engine in the back of my truck. To the right we are preparing to lift the engine out of the truck.






     To the left is a picture of the engine out of the truck and almost ready to lift into the boat. As you can see it is very close to the side of the boat so we had to put a come a long on the engine to hold it away from the boat while we raised it. To the right is a picture of the attachment of the cable for the come a long.