Boat Yard LX

     To the left, the engine is on it's way up. Gary is working the come a long to let the engine swing over the sheer clamp in preparation for lowering it into the boat. To the right is a picture of the engine coming down into the boat. As you can see, we had to use a come a long here again, now to pull the engine into the boat so it wouldn't hit the inside of the boat.




     To the left we have to engine in the boat. We laid some planks on top of the engine stringers to set the engine down on while we moved the chain hoist from the gin pole to my A-Frame. Then we slid the engine across to the port side of the boat with the A-Frame. To the right the engine is in place but resting on the planks while we get the chain hoist and the A-Frame centered exactly where the engine was to be mounted.






     To the left we are lowering the engine down between the engine stringers to mark the mounting holes and permanently install the engine. If you look closely you can see my drip pan below the engine. To the right, Rich on the left, and Gary on the right, pose with the installed engine. In all, it took us around seven hours to install the engine. The starboard engine should go a little faster with the lessons learned on the first one.





     I've been very busy the past few days, but I don't have any new pictures to post. I've been working on my starboard fuel tank and my water tanks. I almost have the starboard fuel tank ready to install in the boat and I have just finished mounting the two 50 Gallon water tanks. Once I get the last fuel tank installed, the starboard engine goes in. Looks like maybe next week for the fuel tank, and maybe the week after for the engine. Then I start on the drive shafts. That aught to be fun!




     Here it is, the starboard fuel tank finally done. To the left is a picture of the tank with all the fittings capped and the air valve hooked up to it so I can leak test it before I put it into the boat. To the right she is going up and into the boat on the gin pole. I just have to lift the starboard engine with the gin pole yet and then I will have to take it down to make room for the salon framing.