Boat Yard LXI

         The picture to the left shows the tank in place in the cradles ready for fitting. As you can see, we took the chain hoist off the tank and are lifting it with a come a long because it's much faster than the chain hoist. You can also see Rich and Gary inspecting the shaft hole I just put into the bottom of the boat. I'm getting ready to install the stern tube for the port engine. To the right is a picture of the neoprene strips glued in place. As soon as the epoxy sets we will set the tank permanently and I can start working on the hold down straps. 




 Happy Holidays !


        No, I'm not working on the boat today. I just wanted to wish all of you out there a very happy holiday and post these pictures I took yesterday. I started working on the hull penetration for the port engine shaft after I finished the hold down straps for the starboard fuel tank. To the left is a picture of the hole from the outside of the hull. I'm using a 2-1/2" drum sander to elongate the hole to accept the stern tube. I have just started on the outside taper and I have a ways to go yet. It is slow going sanding that much material out but it works very well to get the correct taper to fit the stern tube. To the right is a close up of the aft taper on the outside of the hull.




     I have the inside taper completed. In the picture to the left you can see the stern tube leaning against the engine stringer and the penetration hole. The picture to the right is a close up of the taper for the stern tube. That little drum sander works great and the radius of the taper just fits the stern tube. This way I will have very little gap to fill in between the stern tube and the hull.








     I finished the hull penetration for the shaft log and got it all glued in place. Picture to the left. I have also been working on my starboard engine trying to get it ready to install in the boat. To the right is a picture of me working on a fuel leak while the engine is running in my workshop. I couldn't fix the leak so I have to take the injector pump off and send it down to Miami and have it repaired. That will delay the second engine installation for a week or so but at least it started and ran great.