Boat Yard LXII


     These pictures might look the same as the previous ones except that they are pictures of the new installation of the stern tube. I had to take the first one out because I didn't have enough clearance at the rudder because I had to tube installed about two degrees to shallow. I removed it and reinstalled it at the proper angle so I now have enough clearance at the rudder for the 20 inch prop. You wouldn't think two degrees would make that much difference but it did. In the picture to the left you can see the new installation, and a mock up of the thrust plate where the thrust bearing (sitting on the engine stringer) will be mounted. To the right is a view of the stern tube from the outside of the hull.




      I've also been working on my steps and my shower. To the left is a picture of the steps going up to the salon from the head and stateroom area. I had to make them over because I raised the deck a bit and the risers were not high enough. To the right is a picture of my shower. I have it roughed in but am having some trouble getting the drain in because there isn't enough clearance under the shower to hook it up. I have ordered a low clearance drain which I hope will solve that problem.







     I did it again, I tore the second stern tube out. It didn't turn out just where I wanted it so I had to tear it out. Now I have to make some more stern tubes because I use the two I had made up. I sure hope I get the third one in right. It's hard to set the stern tub and get all the points along the two shafts and the engine lined up with the angle of the stern tube. I'm coming close, but I need to get it right on the money. In the mean time, I'm getting pretty proficient at installing stern tubes. I will get it right eventually.


     I've been hard at it with the new stern tube. I had to make another one and I have it all shaped and fit into the hull penetration. I have also had to pull the port engine back out again. I couldn't get it centered between the engine stringers so I removed the engine beds and slotted the isolator mount holes so I could move the engine a bit athwart ship to get it centered and square with the stringers. I finished installing everything today, and I have the starboard engine all run in and ready to install. I just have to recruit some help and I will get the second engine installed soon.




     Here goes the starboard engine. I'm loading it into the truck for the trip to the boatyard. I've got some help today so I can get this engine installed.




     Here are a couple of pictures of the engines all installed. The Starboard engine went in in about three hours which was a lot faster than the port engine. The only problem we had was getting the engine pulled into the boat far enough to clear the starboard fuel tank. Other than that, everything went very well with no major problems.