Boat Yard LXIII

     To the left is a picture of my latest installation of the port stern tube. I think I finally have it installed properly. This time I enclosed the tube completely in a box to help strengthen the tube and hold it in place. Now I just have to locate the thrust bearing so I can measure my aft drive shaft and get it ordered. To the right is a picture of the mock-up I made of the thrust bearing mounting plate with the thrust bearing mounted in it. This is how I located the thrust bearing and measured for my aft drive shaft. I have it and my mounting plate on order so I should get them soon.






         To the left is another view of the port drive shaft installation showing the thrust bearing location. To the right is a picture of the starboard stern tube. I have it all fit and ready to glue and screw. I'm going to wait until I get the port side shaft installed just to make sure it is right before I glue and screw the starboard side.






     Yesterday I picked up my prop and shaft for the port side. To the left is a picture of my new prop, and to the right is a picture of the shaft. Everything checked out,  all the clearances correct and I have measured for my strut. I just hope I can find a stock strut that will fit or I will have to have a custom strut made which could get a little expensive. I also got the starboard stern tube all glued and screwed so it is ready for the shaft also.





     Here is another picture of my shower. I finally got it all hooked up. It wasn't easy, and took some creative plumbing to get the drain and trap installed. In the picture to the right you can see how close the elbow from the drain is to the bottom of the hull, and yet it barely clears the sole on the top edge. I also had to put a trap in which I put in down at the sump pump, picture below. That was a real challenge also, it was hard to find a trap small enough to fit in there but I finally got it all put together.