Boat Yard LXIV


      Here are a couple of pictures of my Thrust Bearing mount plates. These are the machine shops second attempt at making them, and I have to take them back again to have them reworked. The one in the picture to the right is 3/8 of an inch too long, and won't even fit between the engine stringers. The holes don't match up with the angle mount brackets (picture to the left) so I have to have them drilled over again also. I gave them drawings to go by, but it appeared they didn't pay much attention to the drawings as the mount angles are almost two inches oversize so they have to be cut down.




     I finally got my thrust bearing plates back from the machine shop yesterday. They fit between the stringers now, but I still had to ream out a couple of holes before I could bolt the angle brackets onto them. I installed the thrust bearing onto the starboard mount plate and set it in the boat to see if it was going to be lined up with the shaft and it appears that it will work out very well. Here are a couple of pictures of the mount plate in the boat.



     I've also been working on the stateroom. I have a good start on the framing for the bunks and the headliners. To the left is a picture of the forward hanging locker. It is just a bulkhead across the bow with a hole cut in it for the doors. To the right is a picture of the headliner over the starboard bunk. It's a lot of fun trying to cut these things to fit all the different angles up there.





     To the left is a picture of the framing for the V-berths. I'm going to put a couple of drawers in the end of this opening so I closed it in so things in other storage compartments won't get tangled up with my drawers. These other storage areas will be accessible from the top by raising the top of the berth. To the right is a picture of the same area from  a little farther back. I'm also going to put some drawers in the angled sections in the picture to the right. All together I will have eight drawers if I can get three on each side and two in the middle.