Boat Yard LXVI


    Another Easter had come and gone, I hope you all had a great Easter. I've been busy lately with the boat, and with moving. We sold our house to raise some much needed cash for the boat and we had to move into our "little" camper until I get the boat done when we will move on board. I hope that won't be too long, but I figure at least another year or maybe a bit longer before I will be ready to move the boat to the water. I have been without my DSL for about two weeks now so I can't update my site until they hook me up. They were supposed to turn it on last Friday but it didn't happen so I hope it will be early next week at least.

My Struts Have Arrived!

        I've been working on my struts, trying to get them floated and the prop shafts lined up in the center of the stern tubes. That has proven to be more difficult than I though it would be. My first attempt wasn't very successful but the second attempt proved to be a bit better. I have also been working on the cabinets in the head and doing some wiring in there as well as some plumbing for the shower sump and the sink in the head. Things are progressing, and soon I will be ready to order the Aqua drive shafts. I just have to install the thrust bearings and then align the engines and I will be ready to measure for the Aqua drive shafts.



     Here are a couple of pictures of my port strut after I got it installed the second time. As you can see, I also have the actuator pin installed for the rudder in the picture to the left. To the right is a view of the strut with the shaft blocked so it won't move while I install the thrust bearing.





     These are a couple of pictures of the thrust bearing installation. The thrust bearing mounting plate is bolted to the engine stringers after the thrust bearing is lined up with the shaft coupler on the end of the prop shaft.





     To the left is a picture of one of the angle braces I made to help support the thrust bearing mounting plate. To the right is a picture of the shaft seal installed on the stern tube. Once the thrust bearing mount plate is installed I had to remove the shaft coupler and the thrust bearing to install the shaft seal. The two little black knobs sticking up from the seal housing are the water hookups to cool the seal and the internal centering bearing. They will be hooked up to the engines raw water system.





     To the left is a picture showing the completed installation with the angle braces attached to the mounting plate and bolted to the engine stringers. To the right is a close up of the whole assembly. Starting at the stern tube at the left of the picture, there is the seal bellows and inside that is a bearing and the seal. Then the next thing on the shaft is the spare seal holder. If you need to replace the seal you don't have to remove the shaft to replace the seal. Next is the shaft coupler which is bolted to the flange on the thrust bearing which is bolted to the thrust bearing mounting plate. The gold colored thing to the right of the thrust bearing is the adapter plate that bolts to the Aqua-drive shaft going to the engine. It's been interesting trying to get all that lined up and bolted together.