Boat Yard LXVII


     Here are a couple of pictures of my Aqua-Drive Shafts.

     I just returned from a trip to Minnesota to visit the family, and I was able to pick up my drive shafts at Green Bay, Wisconsin along with the spindles than Lloyd turned for my hand rail on top of the bulwark. I just trial fit the shafts to see if my frame reinforcement plate would fit right. I will remove them again to put that last coat of paint on the bilges.





     Here are a couple of close ups of the CV joints on each end of the shafts. To the left the shaft bolts up to the thrust bearing, and to the right the shaft bolts up to the output flange of the transmission. There isn't much deflection in the CV joints but I had to raise the engines to evenly distribute the deflection between the two CV joints.




     To the left is a picture of the blocks I put under the engines to raise them to get the proper angle on the shafts. To the right is a picture of the plates I made to reinforce the frame I had to notch out for the shafts. My brother Steve cut them out for me while I was in Minnesota.





     Here are a couple of pictures of my sump pump and the two drains running into it. I had to change the way I had the shower drain hooked up to the sump when I added the drain for the sink in the head. It took a little doing, but I managed to use a single vent for both drains because I didn't have room to put a vent in for the shower drain. Below is a picture of the sink drain and the vent.