Boat Yard LXIX



     Here are a few pictures of the mounting platforms for the holding tanks. To the left I have removed everything I have cut and fit so I can sand the paint off before I start gluing it all back together again. To the right is the basic framework all glued in place.





     To the left is a picture of the platform all put back together again. To the right is a view with the tank installed. Below is a picture of the two holding tank mounting platforms and the shelf between frame 10 and the aft bulkhead. This shelf will make the small portion of the bilges between the frame and the bulkhead part of the steering compartment and not part of the engine compartment. I needed to do that because I don't have any limber holes in frame 10 to drain it to the bilge pump forward.



     Once I got my holding tanks ready to install, I went back to the forward bulkhead and tore it all apart and started gluing and screwing. I have it all done, Finally! On the left is a close up of the framing on the starboard side for the water tank, pump shelf, and the first step going down into the stateroom area which is set back into the salon sole. I had to modify it from my original layout because I needed an extra bulkhead to mount my fuel polishing system along with the fuel distribution manifolds. In the picture to the right you can see the basic layout of the fuel polishing system. Below is a closer view of the filters and the fuel distribution manifolds.

     Once I got the forward bulkhead area all glued and screwed, I started on the aft bulkhead. To the left is a picture of the aft bulkhead all cut and fit, ready to be glued and screwed. I put a small hatch in the center panel just in case I might need to get into the steering locker from the engine compartment. This way I won't have to go all the way outside and then back again. I don't know if I will ever use it, but at least it is there just in case. To the right is a picture of my day tank. This is a 65 gallon aluminum tank I had made which will go between the engine stringers, right between the two engines. I'm just about ready to put the last coat of paint on the bilges after which I will start doing all the fuel systems and water systems plumbing. That should take a day or two!