Boat Yard LXX


      It's about time for an update! I've been working hard on all the new woodwork in the engine room so I could get that last coat of paint on the bilges before I start on all the plumbing. Well, I made it! I have finally applied the last coat of paint on the bilges and have started installing the drive shafts. To the left is a picture of some of the new woodwork and the starboard fresh water tank installed with the pump shelf over it. To the right is a view from the bridge showing most of the engine room with both drive shafts installed. I have to take the starboard shaft out again because I ran into a little problem with the thrust bearing on that shaft. It seems that they didn't tap the holes in the adapter far enough and I can't get the bolts to pull up tight in three of the holes.


     To the left is a little closer view of the starboard drive shaft. To the right is a close up view of the frame reinforcing plate. This will strengthen the frame where I had to notch it out for the shaft. There is also a wood block that fits over the notch and bolts to the plate. Below is a picture of the wood block that bolts to the plate.

     To the left is a picture of the steering compartment. I have the rudder collars and tiller arms fitted and the hydraulic cylinder is in the box in the middle. I haven't quite got that figured out yet. I think I'm going to have to reorient the mounting bracket and rod end bearing before it will fit together right. To the right is a picture of the tiller are a bit closer up. You can see the rudder collar under the tiller are a little better in that picture. When I designed the rudders I was just guessing as to how long to make the rudder shafts. It looks like I made them just long enough.



     I've also been working on my instrument panels in the bridge. To the left is a view looking to port. You can see the main instrument panel in the center of the helm station, and just above and to the left is the beginning of my fuel control panel. I just have the three fuel gages mounted in it so far. Just below the main instrument panel is the helm pump shaft. This is where the wheel will be mounted. To the right is a picture looking to starboard. You can see the engine controls in this view. I have the cover off it so it's a little hard to find it in the picture, but look in the upper right had corner of the picture and you will find it.