Boat Yard LXXIV


     Here we go! It's a little hard to see in the picture to the left, but I've started the wiring. I only have a couple of things wired so far, because I have to take the wiring back out again once I get it cut to length to install the engine room headliner. Then put it back before I install the salon deck plate. I only have to do this on the first one because that first deck plank and headliner both have a hole cut in them to allow the wires to pass to the bridge, and I only have to do that for the wiring for my pump shelf because those wires run under that first deck plate and over that first headliner. To the right is a picture of the headliners and deck plate. I have them painted, and ready to install as soon as I get those pumps wired.



     To the left is a picture of the first headliners installed. I made the ones that have wires running on them removable so I can get to the wires if I might need to later. Once I get the wires run again, I will install a layer of insulation on top of the headliners and then install the deck plate. To the right is a picture of my waste discharge panel. This will be mounted in the bulwark on the aft deck. There will be a water shutoff valve installed in there along with the "Y" valve which will allow me to flush out the black water tank after it is emptied. There will also be a switch in there to activate the macerator pump which will empty the tank. The gray water tank will have a similar panel installed except that it won't have the water flushing line in it.



     Today I finished installing my deck plate in the salon, and the stair risers up into the bridge. I also got the panel between the risers installed and painted. This is where all the wires and controls will run between the engine room and the bridge. To the left is a picture of the stairs from the salon side, and to the right is a picture of them from below decks.





     I've been working on getting the wires run through my control closet. To the left is a picture of some of the wires installed. I also decided to finish my stairs so I wouldn't have to climb up and down the ladder every time I wanted to go up into the bridge. To the right is a picture of my stairs. I just put some scrap plywood treads on them because I didn't want to mess up my oak treads during construction. I also got my electrical distribution panel on Friday, so I have been working on getting it mounted. Below is a picture of my panel next to the frame I made to mount it into.