Boat Yard LXXV



     I've been working on the headliners over the fuel tanks for some time now, and I finally got them glued in today. They really were hard to get in there because there isn't enough room between the top of the tanks and the frames to get them in there. I had to split them and feed them in from the forward end of the tanks in pieces and then screw them in from the top instead of from underneath. It won't be long before I'm ready to put the rest of the deck plates for the salon in, and then I can start framing the salon.




     Here we go again! I think this is about the third time I have had to build these stairs. I think this will be the last time. To the left is a picture of the stairs and the cabinets that fill the space between them and the hull. The cabinet to the right of the port light will be closed in and used as a storage compartment. To the right is another view forward of the stairs. You can see the bottom two steps turn 90 degrees to enter the forward cabin area. I have put some plywood sheets on the framing for temporary steps. My house bank of batteries will be mounted under the stairs so the top two steps will be removable to access the battery bank.




     The next picture to the left is a view looking down into the compartment below the stairs where the battery box will be mounted. The next picture to the right is the battery box on the work bench.





     The next one to the left is the inside of the battery box. You can see all the dividers I installed on the inside of the box to keep the batteries separated. This will help keep the batteries cool when they are being charged. The next picture to the right is a view of the framing for the stairs. I removed the steps so you could see how I framed the steps. I have everything glued and screwed now and I'm just about ready to install the battery box. I just have to do some painting under the stairs before I do that.





     It's all done! I finally finished the battery compartment and the battery box. I glued and screwed it all together today. To the left is a picture of the stairs looking down from up on the bridge. To the right is a view looking aft from the bridge showing both sets of stairs. The one on the right goes down into the salon and then the ones on the left go down into the forward cabin. There's just one set of stairs left to go, and that's the one going up to the "fly" bridge. I'm thinking of putting that one right over the top of the ones going down into the forward cabin. That would mean I would have to make a sliding hatch in the roof of the bridge to get up to the fly bridge. I'm not sure just how I will work that all out yet, but that's the plan.



     Here are a couple of pictures of the battery box under the stairs with the two removable steps removed. To the left is a view with the lid on the box. As you can see, I have the compartment all insulated. The hose barb on the left side of the lid is my vent which will allow any dangerous gasses produced during charging to be vented overboard instead of accumulating in the box or the compartment. To the right is a view of the battery box with the lid removed. Below is a picture of my battery disconnect switch which is installed in the side panel of the stairs.