Boat Yard LXXVI



     My battery cable came in so I spent the day working on my battery installation. To the left is a picture of one of the short cables used to hook the batteries together. I cut them from the lengths of cable I got and put terminals on them to connect the batteries. To the right is a view of the cable with the terminals on. I didn't have a tool to crimp the terminals with so I had to use my vice and a drill bit. Below is a view of the cable in the vice with the drill bit ready to crimp the terminal onto the cable.




     To the right is a view of the crimp after removing it from the vice. It really work pretty well and the terminals aren't coming off any time soon. Next I put some heat shrink tubing over the terminal to seal it and the cable from any moisture getting in.





     Here are a couple of pictures of the short cables with the heat shrink over the terminals and cable ends. I couldn't get any read heat shrink so I had to use the black on all of them including the red ones.





     Here are a couple of pictures of the batteries installed in the battery box under the stairs. You can see the connecting cables in the picture to the left. To the right is a view of the batteries located under the stairs. In the picture below left you can see my battery switch is installed and wired as well. To the right below is a picture of my inverter/charger mounted on the bridge.











    Now I have to take a break from the electrical work and go back to some boat building. I need to make some changes to my bridge, in the way I'm going to take the roof off to transport it over the road. I need to be able to finish the bridge almost completely so I can complete the wiring and hydraulics up there. That means I have to glue and screw the roof together so I can run the wires, hydraulics, and engine controls. To do that I need to start building the salon framing so I can figure out just where I need to break the bridge roof to be able to remove it in one piece, keeping the wiring and various systems in tack to that point. So, here are a couple of pictures of the start of the salon framing. It's a little hard to see in these pictures, but its a start. I have also had to add some more deck plates to the salon to be able to bring the framing aft far enough to be able to work on the boat deck or the roof of the salon.



     Here are a couple pictures of the deck plates I got cut and fit today. I think this is all I will have to install for the time being because I still have some work to do in the engine compartment and I don't want to completely close it up until I get that done. In the center below is a picture of some more headliner panels ready to go in under the new deck plates once I get the insulation cut and installed.