Boat Yard LXXVII



     Here are a couple of pictures of the insulation cut and installed on the headliners I just installed and painted. As you can see, I have also installed some spacers on the headliners to hold the insulation in place and maintain an air gap between the headliner and the insulation. By doing this, I increase the R value of the air space.




    I have to deck plates all cut out now. Once I got all the hatch openings cut out of the deck plates, I marked the floor joist and painted the bottom of the decks. To the left you can see all the notches in the deck plates for the hatches. To the right the deck plate is laid out in the boat ready to be glued and screwed.





   As you can see in the picture to the left, the last stud to the right is sitting on a small piece of plywood. That means I will have to add one more deck plate to the salon so I can get a full eight foot piece of plywood on the roof. I was afraid I would have to do that, but I will still have almost three feet of open deck over the engine compartment, so hopefully that will be enough to provide some ventilation and enough light down there to complete the work I still have to do down there. To the right is a picture of the next piece of deck all cut, fit, and painted. It's ready to glue and screw, but I will wait till I get the short piece cut and fit before I glue and screw it down. I also still need to get the headliners and the insulation installed before I can glue and screw the deck plates.



     To the left is a picture of the last piece of deck I'm going to install for the time being. Now it's back to the studs for the salon again. To the right is a picture of the studs I have cut and fit so far. I have an angled piece going from the bridge to the salon outside bulkhead. As much as I love working with angles, you would think I could have found another way of doing this but I couldn't so I had to put the angled piece in. You can see the batten attached to the outside of the studs just a bit above the top of the bulwark in the picture to the right. This is what the outside deck will attach to. I will put the outside deck on before I sheet the studs so the sheeting sits on top of the deck.