The starboard bulkhead is coming along very well. To the left is a picture of the studs, and the header that I laminated together using the bulwark as the jig. The bulkhead will curve and follow the curve of the hull so I needed to make the header that goes on top of the studs curve as well or it would look funny, square at the top and curved at the bottom. When I removed the header from the bulwark, I had very little spring back, and it held the curve very well. To the right is a picture of the bulkhead completely assembled. It still needs to be glued and screwed, but I have the whole thing cut and fit.




     Here are a couple of pictures of the starboard bulkhead from different angles. As you can see, it follows the curve of the hull very well. I've never had to build a wall that curved before. I always tried my best to make the walls straight and plumb. This wall, not only curves but is also tilted inward about 1.6 degrees. This is about the amount that is recommended (1 - 1/2" in six feet) to create that optical elusion which makes the sides of the salon appear vertical instead of tilting outward compared to the flare of the hull.






     The "rafters" are going up! Here are a couple of pictures of my floors for the boat deck. To the left you can see the angled portion of the rafters all cut and fit. I only had the first two rafters trimmed when I took this picture but today I finished trimming the rest of them. To the right is a picture of the cut out portion for the stairs going from the bridge down into the salon. No head knockers here!



     Here are a couple of other views of the stairs. Looking forward from the salon you can see the stairs and the head space in the picture to the left. To the right is another view looking down into the salon. I just about have everything cut and fit now, and I will be starting the gluing and screwing in the next day or two. It's a ways off yet but I'm trying to figure out how to get those 4 x 8 sheets of 3/4" plywood up onto the top of the salon. They're a bit too heavy to try to carry them up a step ladder. I think I might be able to use my two fold purchase to hoist them up there but I'm not sure yet. I'll have to try it when I get that far and see if it will work.