Boat Yard LXXX

     Here are a couple of pictures of the cap rail that goes over the angled extension of the bulwark. This one goes on the starboard side and also provides a place to mount the shore power plug. To the left is a picture of the cap rails inside showing the battens that will support the inside and outside angled panels. To the right is a picture of the cap rail with the shore power plug inserted into it. As you can see, it just barely fits into the cap rail.




     To the left is a picture of the bulwark extension on the port side. As you can see, it tapers down from the width of the cap rail on the bulwark to about 1 1/2 inches at the bottom. I did this to provide as much room as I could on the side deck. If I had left it the same width all the way down, it would have been too close to the salon and made it hard to get out onto the side deck. To the right is a picture of the first side panel on the salon all cut and fit. This is the angled one so it was fun to get it to fit properly. "I Love Angles!!"






     The salon is coming along. To the left is a picture of the boat deck going on. The cut out is for the head room above the stairs going down from the bridge into the salon. To the right is a picture of the boat deck looking forward into the bridge. As you can see, there isn't much room between the rafters of the building and the top of the salon. I need to raise a couple more rafters so I can work on the fly bridge up there.



     To the left is a picture of the port siding all glued and screwed. You can see the overhang at the stern that will make the roof over the cockpit area.  To the right is a picture of the floors for the cockpit sole. I need to get my exhaust hoses cut and run through the bulkhead and transom yet before I glue and screw these in place. There isn't much headroom in the steering locker so I would like to get that done before I go any farther in here.






     Now that I have the salon framed up with the roof (boat deck) installed, I can start working on the bridge. I have to redesign the way the roof of the bridge comes off so I can run some wiring and hydraulic lines through the roof. I originally planned to remove the roof in pieces so I could do it myself but now I can't do that because of the wiring. So, I have decided I will use my mast to remove the bridge roof all in one piece so I won't have to remove the wiring and hydraulic lines to do it. In the picture to the left I have the bridge roof removed. In the picture to the right is a view of how I intend to make the roof removable along with the windows. I have framed the window with 2 x 2's and put another 2 x 2 just below the window frame. Once the boat is moved to the water, I will reinstall the roof, glue and screw the window frame to this lower 2 x 2 together and that will make the bridge all one piece again.




     I'm making some progress in the reconstruction of the bridge. I have all the lower portions of the windows glued and screwed, and yesterday I finished putting up all the framework. I also got the forward roof panel glued and screwed (picture to the left). Today I got all the remaining roof panels sanded down and two more of them glued in place. One more big panel left to go and I will have the bridge back to where it was before I tour it apart. It's three steps back to go one step forward, but I'm getting there.