Boat Yard LXXXI



     These two pictures represent one of the more difficult projects I've done on this boat to date. It doesn't look like much, but it has taken me five days to cut and fit the frames for these two aft windows on the bridge. Everything is sloped and angled, and compound angled, including the window frames themselves. Anyway, I finally got them all cut and fit and today I spent the morning inlaying the corner radius pieces so they are ready for gluing and screwing except that I need to get the boat deck screwed down first and to do that I need to get the starboard side deck glued so I can glue the starboard salon side panels so I can glue the boat deck down. Typical in boat building, three steps backward for one step forward. Actually it isn't really going backward, just a slight diversion from what I want to do next.




     I have completed all the afore mentioned "need to get dones" before I can do this project, and have been working hard trying to get all the windows framed in on the bridge. I almost have them all cut and fit. To the left is a picture of one of the aft windows with the radius corners inlayed. It's hard to see them in this picture but the inlayed radius pieces don't make the window openings any smaller which worked out very well. You can also see one of the aft side windows all framed as well in this picture. To the right is a picture of the port side of the bridge with the forward side window and the port side front windows all framed.



     Here are a couple of pictures of the front windows on the bridge. To the left is a view from the inside, and to the right is a picture from the outside. I still have to two starboard side windows to finish up yet but I have them all cut out and all the corner radius pieces made so it shouldn't take too long to finish them up. By then I hope my Aerosil will be here so I can glue everything together. I ran out and it's on order but I don't have it here yet. I need that to thicken the epoxy so I can't do any gluing until it gets here. It won't be long and I will be forced to take a brake and raise some more rafters on my building so I can work on the fly bridge. I've been procrastinating because I don't want to stop work on the boat to do that.



     I haven't gotten much done on the boat over the holidays with our friends here from North Carolina and Vermont but hope to get back to work real soon. Hope you all have had a happy and joyous holiday season and Linda and I would like to wish you all a very prosperous and happy New Year!


     Another year has passed and I'm back to work on the Molly B again. It sure was great having friends here for the holidays. I spent today working on my shop, cleaning up and getting rid of things I have been hanging onto for the past year that I thought I might need. I decided it was time to get rid of it and I can actually see the top of my workbench now. I think I will finish gluing and screwing the window frames on the bridge and then start working on raising the roof of the boat building so I can start working on the flying bridge. I need to get that laid out before I can finish wiring the bridge, then I can panel the bridge in preparation for stain and lacquer. There probably won't be any new pictures of the window frames on the bridge during this glue and screw period since I have already posted them at the cut and fit stage but I will keep you updated as I progress through the process and start on the building's roof.




     I'm back to work on the boat again, finally! I have finished gluing and screwing all my window frames, and I built the frame for the center window that will open on the bridge. (Picture Below) It's a little hard to see but I have it all glued together, and today I took it out of the window opening and sanded it all down and then fit it to the opening a bit better. It will be ready for glass as soon as I get it painted. To the left is a picture of my ladder that I'm building to access the flying bridge from the raised deck on the starboard side of the bridge. To the right is a picture of one of the side rails with the mounting brackets laid out on it. I have the side rails for the ladder all glued together and ready for the steps.



     My ladder is really coming along. To the left is a picture of one of the side rails with the top piece attached. This is the piece that goes over the top of the deck as you can see in the picture to the right. This is where the ladder will be attached to the salon bulkhead with the stainless steel brackets I made. I don't have the steps glued in yet so I need to get that done before I attach the ladder to the bulkhead. Then I can give it a try and see if it will hold me up or let me down!! Hopefully it will hold me up!



     I've also been doing some wiring on the bridge. I have my navigation lights mounted and wired as you can see in the pictures to the left. I was going to mount them on top of the bridge roof but I decided this was a better location and it's also a bit more out of the weather here. To the right is a picture of one of my windshield wiper motors installed over the port windshield. I have the other two motors on order but I have already done the wiring for them so I just have to install them when they get here. I have them wired to all work off one switch but I don't know if that is going to work so I will have to hook them up and do a test run on them when I get them all installed.