Boat Yard LXXXII



     To the left is a picture of the start of my overhead console. This is where I will mount my VHF and some electrical switches for the wipers, navigation lights, and search light. I ran into a problem with the headliner and the windshield wiper motors. I couldn't run the headliner all the way up to the front windshields because it didn't clear the wiper motor. So I had to drop the headliner about an inch and a half and extend it aft along the side of the overhead console. To the right is a view of how it turned out. I put some threaded inserts into the dropped headliners so I can remove them if I need to get at the wiring or motors behind them.





     After receiving some advice from Bill Kelleher about my windshield wipers I decided to add two more switches so each motor would have its own switch. I finished the rewiring and have all three motors and switches hooked up. To the left is a picture of the switches hanging from my overhead console. I also decided to add a couple pieces of tubing in the roof of the bridge so I could pull wires after I had the headliners installed. To the right is a picture of the tubes for the wiring. You can also see the copper tube running into the port corner of the bridge. This is the line that will supply the lower helm pump with oil from the upper helm pump. The upper helm pump serves as a header tank for the whole hydraulic system.




     I have to overhead of the bridge insulated as you can see in the picture to the right, and I have started working on the paneling around the windows. I have also been finishing my headliners as shown in the pictures below and to the right. I tried some lacquer on them but didn't have much luck so I sanded it off and went back to the marine spar varnish. It's working much better but I need another coat on the panels before they will be ready to install. I'm spraying the panels and that works a lot better than trying to brush the varnish on like I did with my stateroom panels.



     I have finished the headliners on the bridge, and I have just about completed the bench seat and the cabinet over the stairs going down into the forward cabin. I have been staining my paneling and then installing it. Once I get it all installed, I will sand and stain the cabinets in the bridge and then start with the varnish. Here are a couple of pictures of my bench seat. I painted the inside storage compartments because it was easier to do now than later when I have it all assembled. I've also been working on my wiring for the lights in the forward cabin area. I wanted a three way switch so I could turn the lights on from up in the salon and also down in the forward cabin. It took some time, but I finally figured out how to wire a couple of double throw switches to work like a three way in a house.



     To the left is a picture of my headliners all installed. They turned out pretty well,  and the brass lights I have for the bridge really look great mounted on the headliners. To the right is a picture of the companion way leading up to the bridge from the salon. I have the stair risers stained and installed as well as the paneling on either side of the companion way. I'm still going to wait with my oak stair treads because I don't want to mess them up during construction.







     Here are a couple of views of my bench seat and my cabinet over the companion way leading down into the forward cabin from the salon. I have just about completed the cabinet now and I'm starting to do the paneling around the bottom of the bridge.