A friend of mine asked if I had gotten my ships wheel yet and I told him that I hadn't. He said he saw a couple of them at a local flea market and wondered if I might be able to use one of them for my boat. We went back to the market and found three of them. Two were in really bad shape, but the third one wasn't too bad so I purchased it. To the left is a picture of the wheel on the workbench. This is a very old hand made wheel with iron rings around both sides holding it all together. To the right is a picture of the wheel after I started tearing it apart. I need to refinish the wood parts so I have to take it all apart. Since it is hand made, the parts have to go back together the same way they came apart or they just won't fit. I am marking everything so I hope I can get it all put back together again. I have decided not to use the metal rings, but just epoxy and screw it all together when I get it refinished. That should drop  around 35 pounds of weight.


      I've been working hard on my ships wheel. I have it all torn apart, stained and varnished. To the left is a picture of the parts hanging over my scrap pile drying. I think I will need one more coat of varnish on them and they will be ready to put back together. My hub is done down at the machine shop so I have to go down and pick it up tomorrow. I had to have a sleeve put in so it would fit onto my helm pump shaft. I'm also still working on my bridge paneling. I have the back bulkhead just about finished as you can see in the picture to the right.




     To the left is another view of my aft bulkhead. I'm working on paneling around each of the windows now. That's a lot of fun. I should have made straight, square windows!! Oh well, I like the looks of the slanted, round corner type windows much better. To the right is another view of the stairway leading down into the salon. If you look close you can see the wax paper between the paneling where the bridge top will come off for transport. I put the wax paper down so I wouldn't glue the two surfaces together and then not be able to remove the top of the bridge when the time came to move the boat to the water.






     Here are a couple of pictures of my ships wheel. I have it all varnished and partially assembled. It really turned out nice. I just have to get the spokes to fit better together with the spacers around the outside of the wheel. I've been messing around with it for quite some time now and I've finally gotten it to a point where the spokes are lined up anyway. I think it will all come together eventually.




     Here are a couple pictures of my bench seat. I finally got it all put together and stained. I had quite a time getting the oak 1 x 4 to match up with the 1 x 6 across the front of the cabinet.





     I've been working hard on putting up trim and molding around all the paneling. Here are a couple of pictures of the aft bulkhead with the trim installed. I haven't installed the molding around the overhead yet because I'm thinking about sanding the headliners down and giving them another coat of varnish. I just haven't made up my mind yet. Below center is a picture of my chart table top sitting on the chart table. It really has a nice shine and the varnish really seems to lighten up the stain a bit as well.