Boat Yard LXXXV


     To the left is a picture of the trim strips I made for the headliner to cover the seams between the panels, and to the right is a picture of the bottom sill pieces for all the windows. I have one coat of varnish on them so far.






     Here we go again. These pictures look a little similar to the first time I put the varnish on the headliner after I had it installed. Now I am going to put one more coat on the headliner after I get all the trim strips installed. I have lightly sanded the last coat and I have everything else taped off so I won't get overspray on the cabinets or bulkheads again.




     Here are a couple of pictures of the headliner with the trim strips installed, and the last coat of varnish on it. It sure has a nice shine to it. It's hard to tell the actual window opening from the reflection in the headliner. Now I have to let the varnish set up a couple of days, and then tape off the headliner and start working on putting the varnish on all the cabinets and bulkheads. I'm really getting close to finishing this part of the bridge. I'm going to be glad since it seems like I've been working on this for the past six months now.





     Here we go again! Last January I built a ladder to get up onto the boat deck but when we raised the roof, I found it to be really difficult to climb up and down the ladder because it was too close to the salon bulkhead and it was too straight up and down. I have decided to replace the ladder with something more like a set of stairs. Here are a couple of pictures of my new ladder. Since it blocks access to the starboard side deck, I am making it removable so I can get buy it if I need to. I have it all cut and fit and ready to glue and screw, and I completed the stainless steel mounting hardware today so it's getting close to being completed. I need to get back to the bridge so I can get the cabinets finished.




     I got a coat of primer on my new ladder and I got it put up on the boat. To the left is a picture of my ladder showing how it fits on the raised deck. This one is much easier to get up and down since it is actually more like a set of steps instead of a ladder. The picture to the right shows the upper brackets that hold the ladder to the salon bulkhead. There is also a pair of brackets at the lower end of the ladder so it won't come out of the brackets unless you remove the pins from the lower brackets. Then you can remove the ladder to get onto the side deck. I have also gotten the bridge cabinets ready for the first coat of varnish.  Below right is a picture of the headliner all tapped off so I don't get any overspray on the overhead. I'll sure be glad to get these cabinets finished so I can get my electrical distribution panel installed and get back to my wiring.




     I haven't been able to do much on the Molly B lately because of some major back problems. I have been working on my bridge a bit, and some of my spindles but that is about it. It looks like I will be going in for surgery on my back sometime next month so I will be laid up for a couple of months. I will get back to work on my boat just as soon as I can. I hope you will check back later for more updates on my progress.