Boat Yard LXXXVI



     I would like to thank all of you for your kind wishes for a speedy recovery. My back is doing much better and I have started back to work on the Molly B again, although I've only been working at the workbench. I haven't started crawling around on the boat just yet. My first major project will be putting a new roof on my boat building. It's been leaking all summer and I need to get it fixed. My neighbor put a big tarp over the boat for me to keep it dry during the summer rains, but I need to get the tarp off so I can get back to work on the boat. To the left is a picture of my spindles that I've been working on. I have them all filled and I'm in the process of sealing them with epoxy and getting them ready to paint. To the right is a picture of one of my long spindles in my lathe I built. I have the long ones all sealed with epoxy and I'm sanding them down for the last time before painting



     I have also been working on my instrument panel. To the left is a picture of the instruments all installed in the panel. To the right is a picture of all the wiring I have installed. All I have left to do with the instruments is to run the wires from the senders on the engines up to the bridge and hook them up to the instruments. I am going to wait with that until I have the bridge finished. I still have a couple of coats of varnish to put on up there before I can start installing things up there.






     I have finally finished the varnish on the bridge cabinets. Here are a couple of pictures of some of the window sills and the chart table top. Below is a picture of my wheel. I had to hang it up so I could varnish both sides at the same time so I strung a cable across the corner of the building and hung it on that.


     Here are a couple different views of my cabinets on the bridge. They turned out pretty nice. Below is a picture of my next project. This is my electrical distribution panel and I have to get it mounted in the big hole in the picture to the left. There are way too many wires in the back of this thing but I will have to get it figured out to finish the wiring.