I've been doing some plumbing on my holding tanks. To the left is a picture of the vented loop in the overboard discharge line on my grey water tank and to the right is a picture of the pump installation. I changed the pump position from where I originally had it on the bulkhead and attached it directly to the tank.





      Here are a couple of pictures of one of the compartments I built into the bulwark on the aft deck. Here I can select where to discharge the waste water either overboard or to the deck fitting to be pumped out. There is also a pump switch mounted here to operate the discharge pump. To the right is a view of the hoses coming out of the starboard compartment and going down below deck to the pump and tank. The compartment on the port side is for the black water tank and will also have a fresh water flush valve in it so I can flush and rinse the black water tank.




     Here are a couple of pictures of the compartment with the panel cover installed. To the left the discharge would be to the deck fitting, and to the right it would go overboard. You can just make out the pump switch on the panel face. I need to get some labels made to identify the various positions and the switch.





     To the left is a picture of the hose attachments to the deck fittings. I had to go from one inch hose to one and a half inch deck fittings so I had to improvise a bit to make the connections. To the right is a view of the deck fittings in the port walk around deck.




     I've also been working on my bilge pumps in the steering locker. To the left is a view of them installed. There is one on each side of the transom knee. Each pump is controlled by a float switch and both are wired into a single switch on the bridge. I hope I have it wired correctly or both pumps might run with the activation of either one of the float switches. I have the house battery bank wired into my distribution panel now so I can check out the circuit before I close the access panels. To the right is a picture of my battery isolators installed and wired under the bridge cabinets. I just need to ground the BIC's yet and they will be done. I have the wires run down to each engine already as well.




     Another year has passed, and I'm still working on the Molly B! I've been working on the wiring so there isn't much to take pictures of to post to my web site. Here are a few shots of the wiring in my two side panels, and of the instruments I removed from the generator and installed on the bridge. I finally figured out the wiring for the aft bilge pumps. I ended up putting each pump on a separate switch on the bridge in order to make them work right, which meant that I had to run another wire back to the second pump. Wiring takes time and it doesn't look like you've done anything after a couple weeks of work, but I'm making progress.