Boat Yard LXXXIX


I ran out of wire so I had to switch to something else while I wait for my wire to come in. I decided I would work on the boat deck, and finish the roof over the aft deck. Here are a couple of pictures of the work in progress. I have everything pretty well glued and screwed to date, and I have all the deck plates cut and fit for the boat deck. I have to cut and fit the headliner planking for the underside of the overhang so I can mark and paint the inside of the panels before I install the boat deck plates.



     To the left is a view of the boat deck looking aft from the back of the bridge. You can see the opening for the ladder to access the boat deck from the aft deck. I've also been working on the windows in the salon. Once I get the boat deck put on it gets really dark in the salon so I decided I better open up the windows so I can work in there without having to use lighting to see what I'm doing. To the right is a picture of the windows openings cut into the sides of the salon. I have the back two all framed in already.





     To the right is a picture of the back two windows all framed. To the right is a picture of the side windows all framed. I have them all glued and screwed now and I'm working on the aft deck overhang again. I've decided to stop with the inside work, like the wiring, and concentrate on the outside so I can get it weather tight so I will be able to move the boat in six months. I hope I can get it all done.





     Here are a couple of pictures of the windows from the inside showing the framing. To the right is a little closer view that shows how I did the corners.





     To the left is a picture of the start of my pantry. I decided to use the space on the starboard side forward of the windows for a pantry compartment. To the right and below are a couple of pictures of my very good friend "Woody". He has been helping me a lot lately. We've really made some great progress in the past couple of weeks. He is working on my spindles, getting them ready for paint.