Boat Yard IX


    I had to take a break from the notching so I decided to install the transom knee. I have to get it in before I can put the second layer of the keel on because I want to screw the first layer of the keel into the knee. Here are a couple of pictures of the transom knee installed.





    Back to the notching. This is a picture of the topside batten fit into the notches and spliced together with a 12:1 scarf.

    To the right is a picture of all the notches done and the second layer of the keel plank spliced and ready to  install.





    With the second layer of the keel plank in place I added 4 inches to the width of the keel plank to allow for  a full 6 inch deadwood and to keep the scantling more in line with a 40 ft. boat. At the bow I had to taper the extensions down to match the stem width.