Boat Yard XC



     Woody and I have completed the boat deck. Here are a couple of pictures of the boat deck installed on the aft deck overhang. I have the headliner panels cut, fit, and painted but I want to wait until I get the aft deck in before I work on them. I have all the fittings on my hydraulic lines now so I can get them installed again and then I can put the aft deck in. It will be much easier working off the deck than standing on a plank across the bulwark.



     In the meantime, I've been working on the windows again. I am making the trim that will go around the outside of each of the windows. They all have radius corners on them and here are a couple of pictures of how I made the radius corners. I planed 1x4's down to 1/2" thick and then cut two 45's to make a triangle. Then I drew the radius of the corners onto them, cut them out on the band saw, and cut the profile on the edges with my router using the little jig I made in the picture to the right.





     Here are a couple of pictures of the trim installed around the windows. I have the port side of the salon done, and all the window trim on the bridge is cut and fit. I still need to go back and dowel and glue them all.







     I've also been working hard on the aft deck. Here are a couple of pictures of my progress. To the left is a picture showing the floors installed and the picture to the right shows the deck plates installed. The hatch opening in the deck still needs a hatch but the opening is roughed in. I need to put a water drain around the hatch so the water will drain overboard instead of going into the bilges. Ken, a friend from another park came over and put the primer on all the floors for me which really helped, and Woody and I put the deck plates down after I enameled all the floors. I premiered and enameled the undersides of the deck plates before we installed them so all I had to do is crawl under there to fillet the joints between the floors and the deck plates.





     Once we got the aft deck installed, I was able to cut the opening in the aft bulkhead for the door . Here are a couple of pictures of the opening. Now I can go up my stairs into the boat instead of having to go up and down the ladder all the time. It's much easier, although it is sometimes the long way around to get where I'm going.





      I have also installed the trim strip around the top of the salon, picture to the left. This is a piece of half round that finishes off the salon very well. I had to cut the radius around the corners because I couldn't get the half round to bend around the radius. To the right is a picture of some of my window frames. I have them all doweled and glued now and I have been sanding them to get them ready for a seal coat of epoxy and then paint.




     I got my instrument panels the other day and I have them partially installed. A wonderful young lady made them for me and she really did a great job. Her name is Dorothy Edwards, and she owns First Place Trophy at 1003 Clinton Road, Jackson, MI 49202. If you need any panels or placards she can make them for you, and she really does excellent work. These panels are laser cut on a material that has a clear center so it can be back lit. The text will then light up when the instrument lights are turned on. The lettering doesn't show up very well in these pictures but it is readable even when the panel is not back lit. Everything is covered with sanding dust because I've been sanding the bridge roof and the boat deck getting it ready for fabric and paint.