Boat Yard IXC



     In addition to doing a lot of sanding, I've also been working on installing the handrail around the bow. Cutting the spindles has been a bit challenging because of the compound angles on the ends of the spindles. I only have one extra so I didn't want to mess any of them up. I guess I got luck, because I managed to get them all cut without messing any of them up. I have the starboard side ready for glue, and the port side is all cut and fit, ready to be shaped and sanded, and it will be ready for glue as well.



     Here are a couple of pictures of the handrail over the bulwark door. It is hinged and folds flat to aft so you can open the bulwark door. I cut a notch into the bottom of the rail and also inlaid a piece of material on the top of the rail to keep the rail from sliding side to side. To the right is a close up view of the inlay and  below left is a close up of the notch in the rail. To the right of the  picture of the notch is a view of the rail that is hinged against the salon. This rail also folds against the handrail to allow access to the side decks.



     To the left is a picture of the starboard rail where it curves up to the anchor deck. To the right is the same area on the port side. I don't have the port side cut down yet and shows the angle of the spindle on the anchor deck.






     It's been some time since I've updated my website but I have gotten quite a bit done since my last update. I was gone for a couple of weeks getting my Kettle Corn business ready for a big show. I have finished the forward hand rails. To the left is a picture of the bow pulpit and how I extended the handrail up there. To the right is a picture of the handrails all premiered and ready for final sanding before painting.



  Once I had the forward handrails completed, I started working on the aft deck handrails. To the left is a picture of some of the spindles cut and fit around the aft deck. To the right is a picture of the handrail completed around the aft deck. You can also see the transom door and the opening in the handrail.




     To the left is a picture of the transom door in the open position. I have also completed the window trim around all the windows in the salon. I needed to get the inside trim stained and varnished before I installed the window glass because if I got any of the bedding compound on the trim, I wouldn't be able to stain it because it wouldn't take the stain like bare wood will. I have all the glass cut and ready to install but I need to finish all the window frames before I can start installing the glass. I just finished painting all the window frames today so I should be ready to start installing the glass very soon now.