Boat Yard VIIIC



     Here are a couple of more views of the forward handrail. I climbed up on my extension ladder and got a little better view.





    I finally have all the wiring installed in the overhang above the aft deck. I have a couple of the headliner panels installed and I have the supports cut and fit and ready for glue. Here are a couple of views of the port support. I used a closet poll for the support, and made a couple of donut like blocks to hold them in place. The picture below left shows a close up of the bottom of the port support and to the right of that is a picture of both of the supports installed and ready for glue.












     It's a big day here in the boat yard. I have finally reached the glass installation phase. Linda and I managed to get five of the eight bridge windows installed today.








     Still working on the glass installation among other things. Linda and I finished the bridge windows and now we're working on the salon. Here are a couple of pictures of the salon glass piled all over the boat.




     To the left is a picture of the aft bulkhead windows installed, and to the right is a view of the starboard side windows.  Linda and I finished up the last of the side windows today so all I have left to do is clean them up and they will be done. In the meantime I'm still working on the aft deck trying to get it finished up.





     Here are a couple of pictures of the spacer blocks for the hawse pipes on the aft deck. The bulwark is so thick back there that I had to make the spacer blocks to go between the inside and outside hawse pipes. These will be screwed and glued to the salon carling and the sheer clamp so they should take a lot of pull and jerking on the mooring lines without hurting the bulwark.