Boat Yard VIIC



     I'm still trying to finish the aft deck, and the ladder to the boat deck from the aft deck is just about ready to install. To the left is a view of the sides of the ladder ready to be assembled. To the right is what the ladder looks like once it is all fit together. I just need to take it up to the aft deck and check the fit one more time before I glue it all together.





      To the left is a picture of my ladder installed on the aft deck. Everything fits great, so I can glue it all together. To the right is a view of the ladder all glued and screwed. Just have to wait for the epoxy to set up and I can sand and seal it before installing it.







     My hawse pipes finally got here, so I'm back to working on getting them installed. I cut a dado into the blocks to accept the hawse pipes, picture to the left. The hawse pipe in the picture to the right is the inside one and has a cleat but the outside pipe is just an oval and is also fit into a dado on the other end of the block. I spent today gluing and screwing the blocks into the bulwark so I can finally work on installing the paneling around the inside of the aft deck.




        Today I got my hawse pipes installed. I cut the holes in the inside panels and fit the hawse pips. In the picture to the left you can see the location of the hawse pipe and in the picture to the right you can see the hawse pipe with the cleat mounted to the spacer block in the bulwark. I got both the port and starboard panels glued and screwed today. I just have the two aft panels left to install.





        I finished all the paneling on the aft deck, and I have it all filled and ready for sanding. While I'm waiting for my sand paper to arrive, I've been working on my door for the salon that opens onto the aft deck. These two pictures show the corner joints for the main frame of the door. It's a little like a mortise and tendon type joint and should make the frame for the door real strong. Once I got the frame put together, I checked the fit in the opening. Fits great, even the radius on the top corners. I have the window frame pretty well done and I'm checking the fit of the glass in the photo below right.


          To the left is a picture of the complete door and window frames all glued and screwed together. I have the cover panel for one side cut and fit so as soon as the glue dries I can install that. To the right is a picture of the fabric covering the bridge roof. I got that wet out today as well. Now I just have to fill the fabric with epoxy and it will be ready for paint.