Boat Yard VIC




     My salon door is coming along pretty well. I have both panels cut and fit and stained. I have finished the quarter round molding for the window, and I'm just about ready to glue the panels to the frame.






     I got one coat of varnish put on the inside panel of my door (Picture to the left). It's looking pretty good so far, but it will take another couple of coats at least. I also got a coat of primer on the aft deck headliner and paneling as you can see in the picture to the right. I decided to wait until I get the fabric finished on the walk around decks before I finish the primer on the bulwark around the aft deck.




     To the left is a picture of the port side deck with the seal coat of epoxy on it and the fabric laid out ready for epoxy. In the picture to the right the fabric is all wet out. Now I have to sand it out after the epoxy sets up and then just fill the fabric and feather it into the surrounding panels. Below is a picture of my scuppers that I have cut into the transom to drain the aft deck.



     I have finally finished the side decks. I filled the undercutting with some filler epoxy, sanded it out, and put one more coat of epoxy over that to seal the filler. In the picture to the left you can see the finished joint. In the picture to the right you can see the fabric all laid out and stapled down on the boat deck. It's all ready for epoxy and I will start wetting out the fabric tomorrow.




     Here are a couple different views of the boat deck fabric. This is really a large area and it will take a lot of epoxy to wet out the fabric with the first coat. I don't think I will ever be bothered with a leaky salon roof or boat deck. Below is a picture of the fabric wet out and sanded. I only have part of the deck vacuumed in this picture.