Boat Yard VC



     These two pictures might look a bit confusing. Here I'm actually removing the fabric from the bridge roof instead of putting it on. When we mixed the epoxy when we put it on we got it wrong so it wouldn't set up and now I have to remove it and replace the fabric that didn't set up. Lots of fun but I'll get it done and it will be done right! 




       It's been a long time since I've updated my site. I haven't really been doing much on the boat this summer because it's really been hot down here this year, or maybe it's just because I'm getting a bit older and can't take the heat like I could a few years ago. I've also been a bit under the weather here for the past few weeks so that doesn't help either. Anyway, I have completed removing the fabric on the bridge roof where it didn't stick. I really had a hard time trying to get the sticky epoxy off the roof after I got the fabric removed. I ended up using some paint remover and that took it off pretty well. I did pull a bit of the top layer of vainer off the roof in a few places so I had to fill all those spots with epoxy. In the picture to the left, you can see the wood all cleaned up, filled, and ready for the new fabric. All I have to do is sand down the filler and it will be ready for the new fabric. To the right is a picture of my Salon door. I've finally completed the varnish phase and I'm now ready to install the glass. Today I refit all the quarter round that holds the glass in because the varnish made it fit a bit to tight and I had to clean it all up before I can install the glass. Below is a picture of the door with the glass dry fit. It all looks good so now I just have to put the silicone around the molding and install the glass permanently.


     No pictures to post but I'm progressing along slowly. I can't get a lot done with the weather as hot as it is down here. I'm only able to work a few hours before it's too hot in my boat building. I don't know if it is unusually hot this summer or maybe I'm just getting too old to take it anymore. I used to be able to work in my building when the temperature was over 100 degrees, but  now when it gets up to around 105 or so, I have to give it up for the day. Another problem is that I'm working up on top of the bridge roof, right against the roof of the building and that's where it's at least 15 degrees hotter than on the lower portions of the boat. I hope it will be cooling off here pretty soon so I can get a bit more accomplished.


     It's usually started to cool off down here by now, but it's still in the mid 90's every day. I'm still working hard on the exterior of the boat trying to get it weather tight just in case I have to move it to another location to finish it up. I'm making some progress; I just about have one coat of primer all the way around the boat. You don't realize how big this thing is until you start painting it. It's like painting a house and it takes awhile to get all the way around it one time, and it's going to take at least a couple coats of primer before I spray the topcoat on.



     Here are a couple of pictures of my boat deck with the fabric all done and the primer all applied. This took quite some time to complete but it's all ready for the topcoat. I don't know what I'm going to put on it yet for a topcoat but I think I might have to look into a nonskid of some kind.






     Here are a couple of pictures of the starboard side of the boat. I have the first coat of primer applied, and about half of it sanded down. You can also see the center window of the bridge is installed and now I just have to install the hardware up there so I can close it. Then I can sand around all the windows on the bridge and tape them off so I can paint the bridge.





     To the right is a picture of the transom door and the handrail around the aft deck. I have a coat of primer on all that as well. To the right is a picture of the starboard side after sanding. I hope the next coat of primer will be enough to fill all the dips and dings in the wood so it will be ready for top coating after it's sanded again. I worked on the port side most of the day today, and I almost have the bulwark all sanded on that side.