Boat Yard IIIC



     I'm making progress with my port side sliding door. To the left is a picture of the door with one side panel all cut and fit. I've also finished my line locker. To the right is a picture of the finished locker. I just have to screw the piano hinge onto the bridge bulkhead and it will be all done.




     Another Christmas is over and I still don't have my boat in the water. It sure is taking me a lot longer than I ever thought it would to complete this little project. I guess maybe it might be because I keep changing my mind about things. I have decided to modify my propane locker to accept 30 lb cylinders instead of the 20 lb I intended to use. I have actually been thinking of doing this for some time, but I had to wait until I had the sliding doors built so I could see if the door would clear the top of the locker. I hung my port door and built the extension for the top of the locker (pictures left and right) to make sure it would clear the door and still be high enough to accommodate a 30 lb cylinder. It all fits together and just clears the bottom of the door.



     To the left is a picture of the bottom of the door just clearing the top of the propane locker extension. It came out pretty close, but it clears . To the right is a picture of the door that shows the window alignment. I will be able to maintain my visibility with the doors open and the windows lined up. I have the doors all sealed and I'm just about ready to start spraying the varnish on the doors. Then I can install the glass and hang the doors. Then I will have the interior of the boat all closed up so I can get back to finishing the painting. One more coat of primer and I will be ready to spray on the finish coat. It won't be long and I will have the outside of the boat weather tight. Then I can start on the fly bridge and get it built.




        Another new year, and I hope the end of this one will find me in the water somewhere! I've been working on the port sliding door for the bridge and I have it all framed in. I basically had to build the door jam and mount it to the outside of the bridge. The picture to the left shows the completed framing. To the right is a picture of the lower track for the door. Below is a picture of the door track over the top of the propane locker. This part of the track is attached to the locker lid and it will come off with the lid when I need to replace the propane. Now over to the starboard side.