Boat Yard IIC


        I've spent the last few weeks painting.  Another one of my favorite jobs! You really get a good idea of just how big this boat is when you start painting the whole thing. My good friend Woody is here and has been helping with the painting so that really helps a lot. We have the second and third coat of primer on most of the boat so far, but there are just a few spots that are going to need a couple more coats to really level things out. Once we get all the primer on I'll be ready to spray the topcoat on. It shouldn't be too much longer.




        I'm just about done with the primer.  We've got three coats just about all the way around the boat so far. Now I just have to sand it out and maybe put another coat or two on a couple of places where the grain of the wood is rough. Then we will be ready to spray the topcoat. Woody started Masking and covering the windows yesterday so we are getting close to the topcoat. Here are a couple of pictures of where we're at right now. I've started the sanding along the outside of the bulwark where the wood grain is rough so that will be ready for another coat of primer.




        I have managed to put a couple coats of paint on the bulwarks but it's been so cold down here this winter I can't seem to make much progress. On the cold days I've been working on my fly bridge. Here are a couple of pictures of the basic framework for the fly bridge. I don't know exactly how high the sides are going to be since I have to raise the deck to allow room for my air conditioner that will be mounted there so I left the studs a bit long and I will trim them later to the proper height.



     Here are a couple more pictures showing the deck framing all cut and fit with the air conditioner set in place. There will be a hatch cover over the AC so I can get to it to fix it or replace it if need be. The deck floors over the AC will be removable but I thought I needed the extra support for the 1/2" deck plates. I'm trying to keep the whole thing as light as possible because it's pretty high on the boat.




     Here are a couple of pictures of my paint job. The picture to the right shows the hand rails and the bulwark of the bow section. I have two coats of topcoat paint on the bulwarks, and they are all sanded out ready for the final coat. To the right is a picture of the inside bulwark and anchor deck which are all finished. I still need to put another coat of brown on the handrails. It's just been too cold to do any painting here lately so I hope it warms up pretty soon.